It's that EZ!

Free virtual tutoring for kids!

School year: 2020-2021

We want to make it EZ for you!

Whether you're a family looking for some instructional help for your elementary level child or a high school student looking for volunteer opportunities and experience, we're here to make these tough times EZer for you.

Online Class

Tutors earn free volunteer hours as well as gain experience in working with kids. You set your own schedule and we find a family to match.

Students get help understanding their subject material beyond the classroom as well as interactions with kids bit older them they can look to as role models.

We know many things have changed since your child has been to school. Trust our high school tutors to help your children and help you.

We try to make learning at home as EZ as possible, by having the best of both worlds. Empowering high school students to step up and engage with younger students to improve their education.

Distance Learning

Keep it EZ